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SC Robotics participates in S3FOOD

Xabier Crespo

We are glad to announce that, Libatio, the project we presented to S3FOOD’s last call was successfully selected among the ones to receive the funding. For those of you unaware of this grant, S3FOOD is an European program to foster innovation in the agri-food industries. In particular, our project will be developed by a consortium made of three companies: Viña Costeira, Nigal and us, SC Robotics. Each of the companies will be in charge of their respective areas of expertise: wine production, cloud platform development and hardware devices respectively.

Libatio Consortium Members

In short, Libatio is “a smart system for real-time monitoring of evaporation in wine aging“. According to our market research and to Viña Costeira, this system will allow winemakers to reduce losses derived from evaporation inside wooden barrels, reduce the risks associated with current manual control and mitigation techniques, and the time spent performing those tasks. If everything goes well, the project kickoff will happen in early June. We’ll keep you informed of future updates.

We’d like to thank CLUSAGA and the rest of the international bodies that evaluated our proposal for their support and Indominus for their advise while writing the proposal.

More info about Libatio:

Feature image by Tamara Malaniy on Unsplash.

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