Powerful controller for digital billboards

The Datasense Signage Controller is an IoT datalogger for monitoring digital billboards. Efficiency and profitability benefit greatly from this solution for extended warranties and low intervention maintenance tasks.

The Device

Developed to withstand harsh operating conditions, obtain meaningful data from sensors located at different points of the equipment enclosure and detect fault conditions before they occur. This information can be relayed in real time to service providers to perform on demand maintenance tasks, protecting valuable resources before damage happens.

  • Customizable
  • Versatile
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance


Its flexibility and customization capacity provides a quality solution for a large variety of applications.

Designed for autonomy, the Datasense Signage Controller harnesses energy from a rechargeable battery and has solar power options. Our innovative power-saving algorithms ensure uninterrupted operation for 5-6 days (depending on the actual configuration and connected sensors). In instances of low battery, the device continues to sample sensors and stores data locally until power is restored, ensuring no data losses.
The datalogger ensures peace of mind with its configurable anomaly detection system. Alarms and events are swiftly triggered upon detecting any irregularity in the monitored data, providing timely alerts. These critical events are instantly reported to the remote platform, ensuring prompt action.
Offline climate control empower our users to manage multiple independent zones effortlessly. With our intuitive interface, fine-tune parameters such as fan speed, temperature, dew point, heating, and filter status to precise specifications. Whether it’s maintaining optimal conditions for storage or ensuring comfort in diverse environments, our system offers unparalleled flexibility and control.
The versatility of the Datasense Signage Controller lies in its sensor-agnostic design, supporting a diverse array of sensors through multiple interfaces such as I2C, RS232, RS485-Modbus and many digital/analog IOs (including three relay controls). Virtually any sensor used in digital billboards can be integrated through one of these interfaces.
Both remote and automated control and monitoring of the health of specific equipment can be obtained via serial, modbus or IP communications. This information includes data from a wide range of signage displays, AC units and networking equipment.

Our dataloggers offer a great flexibility and customization capacity thanks to an intuitive text-based command line interface. Remote configuration and interaction is also possible through Datasense Hello Platform, our cutting-edge Device Management platform.

Success Use Cases
Our customers worldwide rely on Datasense Signage Controllers to streamline maintenance across diverse setups.
Cloud Connectivity
Our privacy-first approach separates the device management from the data stage, empowering datasense devices to communicate directly with users. This ensures a streamlined and efficient flow of information, putting you in control of your data.

Device Management

Unlock the full potential of your Datasense devices with our cutting-edge Datasense Hello Platform. Seamlessly integrating with all Datasense devices, this platform revolutionizes the way users interact with their devices, offering unparalleled convenience and control.

  • Send OTA Updates: Stay ahead of the curve by effortlessly sending Over-The-Air (OTA) updates to your Datasense devices. Keep your devices up-to-date with the latest features, enhancements and security patches without the hassle of manual interventions.
  • Modify Device Settings: Tailor your device configuration to meet your specific needs. With Datasense Hello Platform, users can easily tweak and customize device settings remotely, eliminating the need for technicians to make unnecessary field visits.
  • Trigger Remote Actions: Take control of your devices from anywhere in the world. Datasense Hello Platform enables users to trigger any action that could be executed locally from the Internet, providing real-time responsiveness and enhancing the flexibility of device functionality.

Data Management

All data generated by our device undergoes secure transmission to an MQTT broker -which can be configured remotely at any time- for subsequent processing and storage.
  • In the case of a customer’s designated broker, ensuring utmost privacy, no user data passes through SC Robotics. This approach underscores our commitment to protecting sensitive information and maintaining trust between our customers and us.
  • Alternatively, our private broker provides a seamless solution. SC Robotics handles data storage in a time-series database, facilitating easy access for our customers via our robust API. Optional data visualization tools offer swift insights into device performance.