Your hardware idea with SC Robotics

Our engineers have more than 10 years of experience designing electronics, software and mechanics for embedded systems.

Validate your concept as soon as possible

We work in short development cycles to create value for our customers from the first minute.
  1. 1

    Project analysis

    We analyze the viability of your idea and assess the cost. If feasible we’ll give you a preliminary architecture design.
  2. 2

    Fast prototyping

    Our first solution is usually based on of-the-shelf modules and 3D printing to validate the design as soon as possible.
  3. 3

    Software development

    Our core competencies are bare metal, RTOS and embedded Linux development.

Turn the prototype into a real product

Both electronics and enclosures have to be designed keeping in mind manufacturing and assembly constraints.
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    Design for manufacturing

    Create a fully custom design based on lessons learned in the prototyping phase.
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    Mass production

    We have partnerships with manufacturing and assembly lines which can produce thousands of boards per week.
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    Project hand-over

    Once the project is over we give all the information and sources to our clients to reproduce, modify or continue with the development.

Our expertise

Our team has worked in many different areas within the embedded electronics field, but the core of our know-how is based around the remote sensing idea. To see some examples visit our blog.

Contactless devices

Due to COVID-19 we had to reinvent ourselves and we designed a line-up of contactless devices like buttons, keypads or bars. Thanks to our approach we make integrating our devices with our customers' machines really easy, in fact most of the times they barely have to modify them at all.

Interacting with a ticket machine or ordering food from a vending machine without having to touch them are just a few examples.

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Remote monitoring

With the raise of Internet 4.0 and IoT, many industries have realized how monitoring their resources through the Internet can help them be more productive.

Do you need to know how much fuel has your tank left? Do you need to know where your vehicles are? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We have designed sensors for so many situations, including low power consumption, long battery life or precise location.

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Custom R&D

There are some special cases that will match nothing you can find in our portfolio. However, if it has electronics on it, talk to us and we'll have a look.


Detecting the shape of a piece that comes out of your machine, measuring the chemical components, calibrating a balance... If we consider it's outside our scope or we think someone else will do a better job, we'll let you know.

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Do you have an idea? Get in touch and we will do our best to assist you!

Who are our customers?

Companies from all around the world trust in us for all kind of projects.

Who are our customers?

Companies from all around the world trust in us for all kind of projects.