HACKatHOME winners!

Yesterday we achieved an important milestone. After 4 days of intense work -and two more months of hard work far from the spotlight-, we won the HACKatHOME hackathon. The goal was to find solutions to fight COVID19 and it has been a great opportunity for us to explore and understand the wide range of opportunities created by our most recent project, the SC Touchless.

But as you can imagine, hardware is only a small part of the product. On the software side of the project we’ve been collaborating with our friends of Ubiquo Techs, who have developed a platform called Ubox to create virtual experiences that can be easily controlled with the SC Touchless.

Rafael, Luis, Daniel, Iago, Pedro an me during the Hackathon

As I’ve said during the presentation, this project was born during the lockdown. The first prototypes consisted in a bunch of simple HTML pages and a 3D printed sensor wiring some components that we had available at home. This worked as we expected, so we decided to go further and design a custom PCB and show it to some potential customers.

Prototypes of affordable touchless control devices

Nevetheless, we’ve also worked really hard during the event on market validation and business development. Thanks to our mentor Iago Soto, the CMO of Quobis, we’ve talked to potential customers from GADISNeo AdFermax and other important companies. We’ve also developed an MVP to showcase how to interact with a pharmacy in a safe way. You can see the result in the video below:

We really think this project can introduce a new way to interact with physical objects. In the video we’ve showed a potential case of information displays, but there are many other interesting use cases including elevators, traffic lights and even industry, because thanks to this kind of devices, operators can interact with machines while wearing safety gloves and without needing physical contact!

Use cases include information displays, elevators and even industry safety applications.

We are already shipping the first touchless devices and we hope this result opens the door for new business opportunities too. If you’d like to know more about the project, please reach out to us. We’ll be pleased to show you a demo!

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