sense by sc robotics

On premises or in remote locations, the digitalization and monitoring of systems and processes enables real-time knowledge of the current situation, detection of trends and to anticipate the evolution of the system.

Remote Sense: Agrotech and Asset Tracking autonomous systems.

On-Site Sense: Industrial Digitalization and Retail Monitoring solutions.


sense by sc robotics

The challenges of a constantly evolving and globalized market call for a continuous optimization of production and operations. Staying ahead of the competition requires ever increasing insight into processes and equipment state. The speed at which events can occur requires a highly automated approach so reaction time is minimized.

The Sense by SC Robotics line of products are designed to increase productivity, reduce costs and avoid faulty operation among other benefits brought by Industry 4.0. Robust embedded solutions for all kinds of harsh environments, whether on the manufacturing floor or in remote locations. Monitoring sensors for better data-driven decisions.

Developed and built by SC Robotics: easily adapted to your system’s needs.

Remote Sense:

Access Anywhere.

State of the art IoT cellular network connectivity (NB-IoT, LTE-Cat1)

Lower latency, reduces bandwidth, power requirements and subscription costs.

Resilient hardware design

Robust electronics and ruggedized enclosures for harsh environmental conditions ensure continuous and reliable operation.

Over the Air (OTA) updates allow quick deployment of feature upgrades, configuration changes or bug fixes without physically visiting each sensor.

Battery or solar power operation

Low power designs allow battery only operation for days, weeks or months (depending on applications and connected devices).

Edge Intelligence

Powerful embedded microcontrollers allow advanced logic, secure end to end communications and data integrity verification.

Compatibility with IoT platforms for data ingestion and analytics.

Advanced online and offline logging capabilities.

Asset Tracking

Real time positioning and geo-location, down to centimeter level precision with RTK-GPS.

Positioning derived from cellular network, WiFi or Bluetooth where GPS unavailable.


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On-Site Sense:

Industrial and Retail Monitoring Solutions.

All major IoT networking solutions supported: WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, LoRa, Mesh…

Quickly and seamlessly upload sensor data to local or remotely hosted servers.

Adapting the selected technology to available infrastructure, bandwidth and latency requirements, and cost effectiveness.

Multiple communications modules configurable or set as backup.

Breathe intelligence into your infrastructure

Machinery and equipment that does not have built-in monitoring or automation systems can be brought to life.

Productivity and efficient usage data can be harvested by indirect methods from legacy equipment.

Embedded IA can identify anomalies and trigger alerts to notify operators or perform automated preventative/ corrective actions.

Integration with analytics solutions and visualization dashboards, blockchain contracts and traceability… 


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